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Balatonszepezd (Balatonszepezd)

Former fishing-village of 380 inhabitants built on hills along the shore and surrounded by hills and forests.



Stewards lived in the village in the 13th century, later on it was the domain of local nobies , of Veszprém Episcopate and of Somogyvár Benedictine Abbey. The inhabitants suffered a lot from the Turkish invasion were comleted with German colonists in the middle of the 18th century. Szepezd beach was established by Vince Víriusz on his own domain at the centenary who gained distinction at the time of phylloxera epidemic in the protection of vineyards and in domesticating new species. First Statutes of Bathing Association of Víriusz Domain is from 1933.


BalatonszepezdRoman calholic church ( the only votive church oh the area ) was built in the 13th century in Roman style, upon the pledge of fishermen got into a storm. The small church is erected directly above the shore on a hill, for a long period of time its white tower had showed the way home to fishermen. The reformed church and the evangelic one both built at the end of 18th century in late baroqe style are located opposite to each other in the centre of the village. Castle of dr.Gyula Sebestyén professor of ethnography built in English style in Szepezdfürdő; a huge sand-stone rock scribbled all over with Székely runic writing called Heathen Stone in the garden. Temporary exhibitions in Szepezd Gallery ( Árpád street ) in summer.



Festival for Opening the Summer Season in middle of fune, with the participation of local and regional amateur groups, on the beach. Feast of St.Stephen in August in the spiril of "Farewell to the Summer"; bonfire at boathouse, music the whole night long, all participants are guests of the village for a slice of bread and fat with onions.
Promenade with view at the hill-side above the shore goes to the neighbouring villages of Zánka and Révfülöp. Starting from the railway station ( and walking along the green route sign ) through the hillside full of vineyards we can get to Old hill (Öreg-hegy); in the meantime Lake Nyálas hidden on the top of the hill. Nice view to the western hollow of Balaton from the top of the hill (Küszöborra)


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Balatonlelle, Admin

BalatonlelleIt is a traditional spa town. The story of its past is told by its heritage such as the ruins of the 13th-century Rádpuszta church, the late-Baroque St Donatus chapel, the mansions and manors. Among its natural treasures the park of the Szalay Manor (udvarház) and the fishpond system of Irma Puszta are noteworthy. tovább »

Lions of Balatonboglár, Renáta

Lions of BalatonboglárVisitors can bath, and take a part in different sport activities, and cultural events, and naturally there are some monuments in Balatonboglár. tovább »

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Akali Nyaraló - Balatonakali
10000 Ft/fő/éj - től

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4 fős , Kétszintes kertes, Balaton-part közeli ház alsó szintje. 2 db 2 ágyas hálószoba, nappali SAT-TV-vel, jól felszerelt konyha étkezősarokkal, tusolós fürdő,... Tudjon meg többet!

Kétszintes kertes, Balaton-part közeli ház felső szintje 4 fő részére Balatonbogláron 100 méterre a szabadstrandtól. Max. férőhely: 4 fő Az ingatlan... Tudjon meg többet!

Kétszintes kertes ház alsó és felsőszinti, 2 db különbejáratú apartmanja 4-7 fős apartmanjai. Max. férőhely: 11 fő Az ingatlan alapterülete: 160 m² ... Tudjon meg többet!