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Sights of Bogács (Bogács)

The settlement is well known for its healing thermal waters and the wines produced in the area. The resort that has sprung up around the thermal baths attracts visitors to the area with gastronomic and cultural events.

It is believed that the name of the settlement originates from the ancient Slavic word bogatu meaning rich, wealthy. The first written record mentions it as Bagach in 1248.

At the end of the 1950's, 70 degree Centigrade water broke to the surface as part of an oil drilling operation. By 1959 a pool had been built to utilise this thermal resource and within a short time a medical and recreation facility had also been built next to the baths. The water is primarily recommended for locomotor and arthritic disorders. Within a few decades a significant resort industry sprung up with hotels and pensions. Despite the growth, the settlement has preserved its characteristic charm. Among the sights is a Roman Catholic church erected in the 13th century and renovated in a Gothic style in the 14th century.

The row of wine cellars located on the hill above the community is also an attraction. Wine tastings are offered in cellars carved into the volcanic tuff. The area of Bükkalja has an abundance of tuff cones of volcanic origin. One of these, the so-called beehive rock (kaptárkő) located in the outskirts of Bogács, was in fact used for keeping bees.

Worth a visit is the settlement's Open-air Butterfly Museum where nearly 400 species may be viewed.



Cellar Rows

In the neighbouring hills, atmospheric wine cellars carved into the tuff rock await guests. The best known are the Cserépi Road Cellar Row near the Baths, but the Bagolyvár (Owl's Castle), Csecslyuk, and Hintó-völgy (Carriage Valley) cellar rows also offer wine tastings.


Open-air Butterfly Museum

As a result of five years' work, visitors can delight in the approximately 400 butterfly species held at the Open Air Butterfly Museum. The collection does not hold protected species.

Upon prior arrangement groups are welcome on Mondays, too.


Roman Catholic church of St MartinBogács St Martin church

This originally 13th-century Romanesque church was reconstructed in a Gothic style in the 15th century. In 1958 the listed edifice was refurbished when original Romanesque details were uncovered.

The church is built of carved red stone mined at a local quarry. The sanctuary, the vestry, the lower section of the tower and the side chapel are likely to be the oldest parts. The origin of the remains parallel to the nave's northern wall is uncertain. The two most likely explanations are that the church had three naves or an adjacent monastery.

By the 18th century the church was in a bad state. During the renovation carried out in 1800 the ceiling of the nave was replaced and the flooring covered with stones quarried at nearby Sály. A burial site was discovered in the space beneath in the course of this work and the digging of the foundations for the choir.


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