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Thermal Spa of Kehidakustány (Kehidakustány)

A former home to statesman Ferenc Deák, who was known in Hungary as 'wise man of the nation', the settlement is famous for the Deák Mansion and its memorial exhibition, as well as for its thermal baths.

This ancient settlement was already a river crossing as early as the Middle Ages. The River Zala then flowed among extended marshlands.

The modern village spreads both sides of the river. The western side is called Kehida, the eastern Kustány. The combined name has been used since unification in 1977.

Ferenc Deák (1803-1876), a minister of justice and member of parliament, lived for an extended period at his family estate in Kehida.



Kehida Thermal SpaKehidakustány Spa

The healing waters rich in sulphur are efficent in cases of locomotor complaints, disorders of the nervous system and gynaecological problems. The curative water contains no radon, thus it can be enjoyed by children as well as cardiac patients with no time limits.

The whole family can find something suitable in the Kehida Termál Family Spa.

Adventure bath – a wellspring of colourful experiences bubbles up in Kehida

  • 2600 square metres indoor and outdoor adventure bath

  • 94 metre-long tube-slide with sound and light effects

  • Three-storey Mediterranean-style atrium

  • Whirlpool, jacuzzi, wave-pool, kiddy pool for children, eddy pool (with artificial current), diving pool, massage jets, deluxe swimming-pools

  • relaxation rooms and sun decks (also for naturalists)

  • baby-swimming, baby-sitting

  • pleasant 3 hectar park area

  • pool bar, salad bar, specialty food shop, snack-bar, self-service restaurant.

SpaThe world of Kehida awaits!Kehidakustány Spa

  • 49oC certified sulphurous medicinal waters

  • Recommended for post-injury therapy, mobility and nervous disorders, gynaecological and dermatological diseases. It speeds up considerably the recovery process of injuries and fractures

  • Our treatment services: manual therapy, physiotherapy, underwater massage, traction bath, electric bath, electrotherapy, special wraps/compress treatment, ultrasound, meditation room, relaxation terrace, drinking-fountain


Leave the work behind you and feel the rhythm of nature!

Set aside some time for yourself and your family and visit Kehidakustány! This charming village, in the Zala Valley, with its unique setting amid gently hills is an ideal place for relaxing. Feel the serenity of Hungarian countryside and the green energy of flora.


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Map of Kehidakustány:



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