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Sights of Szigliget (Szigliget)

The settlement is known as one of the most attractive around Lake Balaton and Hungarian poets have sung its praises most frequently in their works. Among its points of interest are the Esterházy Palace that operates as literary home for writers, the summer villas, and the church and castle ruins.

Centuries ago Szigliget was still an island, surrounded by water on all sides. Following the Tartar raids it became the property of the Franciscan Order, then in 1521 ownership passed to the Lengyel Tót family whose female heirs continued to own it up until 1945.

The Medieval village developed close to the lakeshore near the still visible ruins of the former church of Avas. Later, inhabitants drew in closer to the foot of the castle and a characteristic building style was developed in which homes were built in rows above one another into Castle Hill.

The abbey of Pannonhalma had the castle constructed in 1262. Although the village was destroyed by the Turkish the castle remained intact until it was blown up in 1702 on the order of the emperor. Some of stones were used in the building of the homes and outbuildings below the castle.




Esterházy Palace and Artist's studioEsterházy Palace Szigliget

The Classicist palace was built in the early 19th century. In 1953 it became home to the Writers' Studio (Irók Alkotóháza). Many of the nearby manorial buildings are listed heritage.

After Count Pál Esterházy bought the palace and its estates in 1912 it was given its final form. It was through extensive architectural redesign that its current, unified form was achieved. The results of this work are the terraces and the rooms below them, the small towers, the mansard roof, and the formation of the roofline and the overall view of the front facade. The vernacular Baroque and Classicist segments of the house are well separated. Later renovations were made in order to suit the needs of the Studio.

The park is a nature reserve and is open to visitors. The building complex may be viewed from the outside only.


Szigliget Castle

The castle was built on order of the Abbey of Pannonhalma between 1260 and 1262. Situated on top of the 239-metre high Castle Hill (Várhegy) the renovation of this ruined, elongated building is in progress. A spectacular view over the Balaton can be enjoyed from here.

Szigliget CastleStarting out behind the church the visitor arrives into the Lower Castle (alsóvár) where a machicolated gallery leads to the round bastion. From here a steep path goes to the Upper Castle (felsővár) which stands approximately 20 metres higher than the Lower Castle. The former dungeon, the palace and the keep of the lord were here. A major restoration work was started in 1991. Completion of the excavation and partial reconstruction of the castle is in progress.

The castle had already been altered several times by the 17th century. Although the Turks destroyed the village, they were unable to take possession of the castle. In 1702 however, the Austrian emperor ordered the castle to be blown up. Some of the stones were used in construction of the country seats and farming outbuildings which lie below the castle.


The remains of Avas churchRemains of Avas church

The Avas church remains stand at the meeting point of the main road and the village road on the site of a medieval village. Only the tower is left of the ancient 13th-century church.

The former church tower is rectangular at the bottom, hexagonal in the middle and octagonal at the top. The single-nave church with its straight sanctuary originally stood behind this tower. At that time the waterside area near the building was a ferry crossing point as is indicated by the old name: Réhely, meaning Ferry Place.



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