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Lake Tisza (Tisza-tó)

The 127 Km2 extensived lake Tisza is the second larger coherent water-surface, but studying the given possibilities, we can look it as the first. Everybody can find his or her favourite occupation here, from the family, who wish to sunbath and swim, through the entusiastic fisher or hunter, to the fanatic ornitologists.

There is a bird-reservation at the north-west part with about 200 different bird-species, wich has European importance, so a real paradise of ornitologists.
The Sarudi-basin has also outstanding characteristics. It is like the real virgin nature with its rich flora and fauna, with small backwaters, canals and islands. It is a perfect place for boating, hunting, and simply relaxing. Those, who like active wellness have chance to do such sports ( like jet-ski ) which they can do nowhere else.
Five rich alcali-hydrogencarbonated fountains serve those, who wish healing. . And those, who want to explore the surroundings, can find fascinating landscapes, villages, and reach cultural memories. The lowland people’s worth can be experienced not only in museums, but in living reality.
We have reach variety of cultural programmes. Here you can see some of them, without the claim of totality: Fish festival of Tiszafüred; water-carneval of lake Tisza; National Rock Podium, riding festival, programme of “Traditions of 1000 years – European Regions”, beauty contest of lake Tisza.

Lake Tisza


The birth of the lake

Lake Tisza was born after the starting of the Tisza II. dam, wich was an artifical invention to the flow of the river Tisza. The aim of its creating was first of all to utilize the water, its using as tourist target was only a far dream. Lake Tisza is lake only in its name and in its sigh, in fact it is an artifical lake, delivered to the caprice of the river, and the human’s intervention. Nobody thinks from this short and –maybe- dull description how great worth and values are hidden in this more than 120Km2 water-paradise. 


Ecotourism in the mark of the protection of environment

The Sarudi-basin, that touches the borders of Sarud-Poroszló-Tiszafüred has outstending natural endowments.
This part of the lake has variant deep of water with backwaters, canals, varied by islands, it has rich flora and fauna. The landscape remembers us to the time of the unregulared state of the river. It is a beloved target of those, who wish to go boating, fisiing, hunting, relaxing.


Untouched nature

One of the most beautiful parts of the lake is the bird reservation of Tiszafüred in the north-west. It is a real paradise for those, who are interested in ornitology. Almost the half of the estimated number of the 200 bird species arrive to the area to breed, 81 species pass through, and about 20 species spend the winter here.
It is important to call the attention for the strict protection of the bird’s life-area, wich has European importance, so these places require increased attention from the visitors.

Lake Tisza

Sunbath, beach, plash

The 14Km2 coherent water surface between Abádszalók and Kisköre is especially suitable for classic beach-holiday, and the practice of different water-sports. The possibility of using engineed water vehicles means a real speciality in Hungary.


The curing water

The rich outputs of the five alcali-hydrogencarboneted fountains are utilized at Tiszaörs and Tiszafüred.


On two wheels

The dam around the lake gives perfect opportunity to ramble in the area. Fascinating places, villages, hospitable inhabitants wait the travellers.


Four legs on the ground

Those, who would like to get to know this beautiful land, are able to choose from several possibilities, because the ridding-halls nearby offer the visitors interesting and variant programmes.


Folk culture in the past and today

People around the Tisza cultivate and hold their traditions. The pottery, folk-dance, twig- and sedge-waving, fishing and soldering can be experienced directly from the real life, not only from the “distance” of museums.


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Szállás Tisza-tó és környékén

Csuhaj Vendégház - Borsodivánka
4000 Ft/fő/éj - től

Vendégházunk A Tisza-tótól 5 km-re található, csendes, hangulatos, biztonságos kis faluban. 100 éves, felújított parasztházban várjuk vendégeinket, melynek... Tudjon meg többet!

Szállás Borsodivánka - Csuhaj Vendégház adatlapja

7500 Ft/fő/éj - től

Tiszta szívvel kínálom fel Önnek Vendégházunk melegét és menedékét a nyugalmat és derűt sugárzó, élettel teli Tisza-tó köszöntésével.Amennyiben a Tisza-tóhoz készül,... Tudjon meg többet!

Szállás Poroszló - Cserőháti Vendégház adatlapja


Hol találja meg a Nagymama Vendégházat? > Poroszló központjában, egy csendes utcában > 500 m-re a 33-as főúttól > 700 m-re a szabadstrandtól (Tisza-tó) > 700... Tudjon meg többet!

Szállás Poroszló - Nagymama Vendégház adatlapja

A Tisza-tó mellett, Poroszlón várjuk kedves vendégeinket. Nyugodt falusi jellegű környezetben biztosítunk tartalmas, élményekben gazdag üdülésre lehetőséget. Tudjon meg többet!

Szállás Poroszló - Morotva Vendégház - Poroszló adatlapja