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History of Tiszaújváros (Tiszaújváros)

Along with the recreation centre, the thermal baths with its health resort and numerous cultural venues there are plenty of opportunities to relax here in Tiszaújváros. The floodplains of the River Tisza meanwhile are rich in flora and fauna.

The city's history goes back merely a few decades although the ancient village of Tiszaszederkény from which it was developed already existed during the Árpád Age. It was first mentioned in writing as Villa Seederkyn in 1268. Even at that time its significance was to be a crossing point of the River Tisza.

This area is typical of the flat lands and open floodplains found along rivers. The Tisza transports only fine sand along this stretch. The loess  mud found on the riverbanks colours the water yellow and thus the Tisza is known as  'blonde'. It is probable that this also provided the name of the 'Goldcoast' or 'Yellow Bank' found on the outskirts of the town.

The proximity of the Tisza assures favourable conditions for the chemical, electrical energy and crude oil industries. Today, these large-scale industries determine the face of the city and the lives of its citizens.

The settlement was officially declared a city in 1966, initially under the original village's name of Tiszaszederkény. On the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lenin, the city was renamed Leninváros (Lenin City) only to be christened Tiszaújváros (New Tisza Town) in 1989 following the change in the political system.

The city is famous for its international sporting events. The Thermal and Open-air Baths (Termál- és Strandfürdő) have also contributed to its renown due to the medicinal waters which are beneficial primarily in case of arthritic, gynaecological and urological conditions and which also exert a rejuvenating effect on healthy individuals.

There are backwaters and oxbow lakes, shore ridges and reed beds alternating along the Tisza's wide floodplains. The wooded groves are an excellent habitat for the rich flora and fauna present.


Greek Catholic church of the TransfigurationGreek Catholic church Tiszaújváros

According to experts this edifice dedicated in 1996 is one of Hungary's most beautiful neo-Byzantine-type churches.

Before the change of political system there was not a single church in Tiszaújváros since the town formerly known as Leninváros had been established as an archetype of a socialist city. In the 1990's all the religions with roots in the area constructed churches here.



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