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Sights of Zamárdi (Zamárdi)

Zamárdi has been a resort town since the early 20th century. Its Avar Age cemetery is so rich in archaeological finds that it is considered a rarity throughout the Carpathian Basin. Visitors may observe several remaining, well-preserved examples of vernacular architecture in the town.

In the middle of the 15th century there were several hamlets in the area that had the word Zamard in their name. During the Turkish invasion most of these were destroyed. New settlers to the area cleared an area for themselves on the side of Stone Hill (Kőhegy) and established vineyards.

With the development of the bathing culture in the 19th-20th century, the region gradually changed. Development of the bathing settlement began in 1911 along a shoreline stretch some 10 kilometres long and included several areas that were suitable for swimming.

The traditional vernacular architecture has survived in the form of several buildings in Zamárdi. The ethnographic exhibition in the furnished house typical of the region (tájház) depicts the life and living conditions of a well-to-do peasant family at the turn of the 19th-20th century.

A hiking trail leads from the settlement to the top of Stone Hill. On the site of the former wine press of the abbey of Tihany is now a lookout. Visitors are treated to a beautiful panoramic view from here: virtually the entire Lake Balaton from Balatonkenese through Tihany to the basalt 'coffin' of Badacsony.

A fascinating ritual site assumed to be an ancient sacrificial site is the rock formations of Donkey Stone (Szamárkő) that may be reached by a marked tourist path from the train station.




Donkey StoneDonkey Stone Zamárdi

Zamárdi was named after the Donkey Stone (Szamárkő) which can be reached following a footpath leading from the railway station and marked with red. The solitary group of rocks is an ancient sacrificial site. It was called the Devil Stone in the Árpád Age.



On the top of Stone Hill (Kőhegy, 219.8m) a lookout tower now stands on the site of the former Tihany Abbey winepress. The fantastic panorama visitors can enjoy from here encompasses almost the entire Lake Balaton from Kenese through Tihany to the coffin-shaped basalt hill of Badacsony.


Zamárdi Regional Peasant House Museum

The furnishings present the living conditions of a 19th-20th-century wealthy peasant family. Most of the personal belongings on display originate from the village's local history collection. There is a thatched barn behind the house.

The museum building carries the characteristic traits of the Balaton region vernacular architecture. According to the figure carved into the main beam in the front room, the house with its open chimney, columned veranda and thatched reed roof was built in 1847.

Directly adjacent, about one hectare of land belonged to the house. The plot also had a 25-metre deep well, poultry sheds, pigsties and a cellar.

The main building consisted of 6 rooms: two bedrooms, a kitchen, a larder, stables and the barn all under the same roof. The stack-yard, orchard and vegetable garden extended behind the house.


Ethnographical Collection

The Ethnographical Collection is a display of the objects and tools and the scenery Zamárdi people once used and lived in. To be visited exclusively upon preliminary request in the same opening hours as the Country House.


Roman catholic churchchurch Zamárdi

Built between 1771 and 1774, to the order of Samu VAJDA, abbot of Tihany, in baroque style. The high altar, the pulpit and the baptistery are registered national monuments.






FarmhouseFarmhouse Zamárdi

Built of adobe in 1847, with a thatched roof and traditional verendah.





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